Monday, March 24, 2008

Just Me Blog

I joined a group of artists that do softies on Flickr and they started a blog about their work as a joint effort, so I had to get a google account to post to it. It seemed only logical to use my account to have another blog----afterall, what am I ever going to do with all my free time??????LOL.
The blog is called PlushParade
and it will be fun to be a part of it. This blog I desire it to be more of a natural flow of me, and not strictly for my crafting as Shebrews
is. Shebrews is all about what I am doing in the art and craft field. This blog I just want to be about anything.
I wanted to sign up for a blogger account at first try, but for some reason my computer would never load it. I tried and tried. The good news is now I can post on other blogger blogs that don't have open invitations. So many I have wanted to write a comment, but they were not accessible through type pad bloggers.

Two blogs will be quite challenging, but since I love to write, perhaps a little serendipitis? If you find me, let me know.

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