Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's My Birthday

It's a Saturday, so I don't anticipate doing anything really. Yesterday I got to go to Barnes and Noble and hang out by myself, which is probably on my favorite top five things to do. If we had one in my town, I would treat it like a Library.....although, I stopped going to my local library years ago. It's so much easier just finding what I want on the internet and either reading it there, or purchasing used copies from .

Last night I was a little misconjumbled, and I looked through a lot of things and handled a lot of things for inspiration, but I just couldn't find my, after some surfing on Etsy
(problems posting) (argh!) anyway, I found this online painting class for mixed media backgrounds! OhMy! Just what I was looking for, only I didn't think I would actually find a class. It might be a problem because I start shows shortly, and it is a rat-race to keep up all the stuff I have to do. Paulette has six seven minute painting videos on You Tube that I watched last nite. They are lightening speed, but very inspirational. Since I enjoy doing faces most of all, I cannot wait to try some of her technique. Hopefully, I will allow myself some messy painting!!!

Since I enjoy painting on other surfaces besides white backgrounds, I think I will like adding things and playing with templates, etc.

I used my heat transfer machine for postcard backgrounds, but I ran into a glitch that I hadn't expected when planning......I cannot iron on appliques to them, because they cannot be ironed......that will make me have to hand-applique the additions I wanted to do to them. Overall, I am happy with the transfers themselves, and more time should prove worthy.

I think today I will probably spend mostly in the studio, creating. I have my second show next weekend and I really need it to count.

Besides that, my friend, Mary gave me a basket of gardening goodies to start me off when the ground gets workable. There are gloves, and a spade, seeds, a little shepherd's hook with plaque, a welcome sign for my studio, hand lotion and body spray in the fragrance of "cucumber"---which I like, because besides "vanilla", I don't like smelling like fruit or Actually, there was a store in the mall that used to carry a scent called "fresh cut grass"----I LOVE that. But, they don't anymore. Anyway, that's my day!

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Jay said...

OHH MAN I DID NOT KNOW! If you told me I forgot I am sorry. Happy Birthday! Can I do something for you? Like bring you a cake or a gift? I love birthday's, people always say it's because I'm young well I hope that I never change! We can always be happy for our birthday!