Friday, April 4, 2008

Life of a Bibliophile

Oh yeah. You thought I was kidding. Well the next few posts will show you I am not. I really have a book problem, only, I really, really read them and if I like them, several times.....and if I really, really like them, I wait to be alone and read them aloud.......if I can't be alone, I pretend I am reading for another person.......

This is only a sampling of what I own in books. Many have made their way to other places, and many I have borrowed and had to buy another because I forgot who I borrowed them to. If you borrow a book, unless someone says "I don't want it back", you should be sure to bring it back.......

My bookshelves are not in their best order right now, but I wanted to post before I leave for the weekend, and fixing them would have entailed time I don't have this morning.

My bookshelves are a mixture of children's books, nature books, many many devotional type and biblical study type, and lots of "character building" ones---which I am not sure one would testify have affected I hope they would, but, I fear that I display far too many social weaknesses to prove it.

Funny, when the blogger asked what my favorite books were, I was stumped, because first of all, they would probably be "B" side books, ones you never heard of, and probably because I tend to have favorite "authors" vs favorite "titles".

I enjoy reading turn of the century writing the most. My library consists mostly of that, but I have learned to appreciate some newer writers also. I stopped reading novels quite awhile ago, first of all because I couldn't find a novel writer I liked with the exception of Victoria Holt and all her alias'. But, I find my reading time is so limited that I tend to read "learning" type things.

Well, I must be off now and pack for the weekend, but I hope you leave a comment if you drop by. Let me know if you love books as much as I, and if you blog about it, I would like a link. Thanks.

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