Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I used to do a lot more calligraphy than I do now. I do little things, and I like to embroider calligraphy, but I have been trying to be different than the things I find available in stores and craft shows. I make my little calligraphy into bigger collage things now. I realize this isn't a clear picture of the collage, but it gives you the idea.

I like using fabric instead of mats, and I embroider the borders and any titles. I used vintage postcards and some older first day of issue commerative envelopes by various companies or artists, and sometimes doing my own. These pieces make up a greater part of what I do at my art shows. I hope you will visit my crafty blog if you come here first. I meant for this one to take up all the other things I do besides crafts......I needed a blogger blog for posting reasons, but I already have an established typepad blog
that perhaps you haven't visited. Well, I must be on my way....have a good day!

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