Thursday, July 16, 2009

Six words to describe your life....

"I am completely taken by surprise"

These words would truly sum up my life so far. All that I imagined, all that I interpreted about life has completely been topsy-turvey. It's true. Life is what happens when you are making other plans..........

I am one of the lucky ones, in that, I have had a colorful and eventful life. There has not been much dull drum here----and, interestingly, it's not that I went pursuing any particular event. In fact, the things I pursued eluded me. Something always won out ahead.

I read an old book that was written in the form of a diary. It's starts out with a twelve year old girl journaling. It was written in early 1900's and is now in reprint. It is titled, "Stepping Heavenward" and is by Elizabeth Prentiss. In it, she grows up, marries, has children and many tough times. In the spirit of Victorian writing, it is mostly sad, but, probably more realistic for the "normal" person.

I know a few people who have escaped the tumbling, ripping and burning events that happen along our way home........and, they seem quite content with this "uneventful" fate they have. In my younger years I thought it was because they did everything right and I continued to fall and trip along the way.

My daughter describes it as "skipping through the woods, singing your favorite song and something pushes a stick in your path and you find yourself on the ground before the last note escapes your lungs".

Hmmmm, well. That's about how it feels. For the most part, I never saw things coming. The things I prepared for, and thought possible, never happened. The things I never thought would be part of my life, were very large.

It's got me thinking about the next life...........

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